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Security SAZ

Visual identity

Seg SAZ is AB InBev's security area in the South American Zone (SAZ) whose main objective is to create strategies to ensure the safety of employees, stimulating the awareness of taking care of oneself and others.

We were responsible for developing the new visual identity of Seg SAZ, in addition to assisting in communication strategies.

Our mission was to create an identity that spoke of safety at work in a light and relaxed way, without trivializing its importance.

We convey this idea with smoother and more rounded shapes in the logo and also in internal, institutional and Instagram communications, showing that talking about safety doesn't have to be complicated and that from there it is possible to turn care into a habit.

All communication was built to be simple, direct, humanized, humorous and interesting for employees in the area.

Company: SAZ Security - AB InBev


- Visual identity

- Endomarketing

- Social media

Team that made it happen:

Art direction: João Vitor Oliveira
Design: Charlene and Julius Prado
Writing: Midori and Thais Alencar
Project management: Fernanda Nagaoka and Vivian Francisco

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