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Out of the box

Visual identity

Elisa Prits is a digital influencer and presenter who produces content about beauty, health, workouts and recipes from the fitness universe.

Fora da Caixa is a series for YouTube and IGTV  that presents different types of physical activity and their health benefits.

We captured and edited the images and developed the entire identity of the project.

The inspiration for the name and logo came from the expression “think outside the box” and the game of “nine points”, which gave rise to the phrase. The hashtag has to do with digital and the platforms where the project is developed and broadcast, in addition to referring to the game.

The fluid shapes and elements refer to the dynamism of the brand and the possibilities of reinventing itself and adapting to the future.

Influencer: Elisa Prits


- Visual identity

- Video production

Team that made it happen:

Art direction: João Vitor Oliveira
Image direction: Guilherme Lopes and Henrique Avari
Image capture: Guilherme Lopes
Audio capture: Eloim Machado
Editing: Nick Maia

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