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So, let's tell your story to the world?


Prodoc is the nucleus of Proimagem exclusively focused on the production of documentaries and other formats that use documentary language as narrative. By telling our own stories we have the opportunity to reflect on our personal or professional trajectories, value talent, generate connection, transmit knowledge, inspire and engage.

Our purpose is to help our partners to have a broader view of themselves, by recording and valuing their own stories. We invite you to join this journey!

We will love to tell the story of your life, your family, your company and any other story you want to record.

Ambev Poli USP

Espaço On is a project in partnership with Ambev and Poli USP and aims to bring the university closer to the corporate world. We followed all the stages of the work, and after several months of research and records, we produced a 7-minute film and a 3-minute version about Espaço On.
It was an amazing experience for all of us! Success to Espaço On and many other projects like this to come!

The Story of Us Three

“The Story of Us Three” narrates the arrival of little Cecília in the life of the couple Sérgio and Nina. We follow Cecilia's first two years of life, the changes and the joys she experienced during this period. It was very exciting!

Outros documentários

Equipe Prodoc:

Coordenação geral: Tatiana Baruel

Produção Executiva: Fabiana Carvalho

Direção dos documentários: Tatiana Baruel e Henrique Avari

Sala de Roteiristas: Tatiana Baruel, Eduardo Spinelli, Léo Surcin, Christiane Curioni, Auíra Auriak, Tainã Moreno, Edgar Jacques, Sara Bentes e Guilherme Midões

Produção: Bárbara Bonilha, Juliano Irala e Tatiana Baruel

Direção de Fotografia: Henrique Avari e Guilherme Midões

Cinegrafistas: Gustavo Fonseca e Tainã Moreno

Assistentes de câmera: Douglas Bernardes, Samuel, Luiz Azevedo e Samuel Sgarb

Técnicos de Som: Eloim Machado e Tainã Moreno

Edição: Nick Maia e Rafaele Fernandes

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