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DM Card - Master Card


This project was anything but conventional!

They proposed a competition: The DM already had the briefing and the producer that had the best idea and script would produce the commercial.

We won the opportunity to produce with a rhythmic and fun script, in a lighter and cooler tone. We wanted to make a card commercial that escaped the obvious.

We divided the project into 3 stages: script development, pre-production and production . We produced in just 2 days in different locations that delivered everything that was needed.
We adapted part of our headquarters for the recordings and with the help of Stella Pardini , who was in the direction of objects, we created a tourist shop at home to have more security and easier access.

Everything was recorded with cinema equipment and a large and experienced crew. Despite being a commercial, the material was also released on the company's social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

Company: DM

Team that made it happen:
Directed by: Henrique Avari and Guilherme Lopes
Director of photography: Léo Grego
First assistant: Alex Correa
Gaffer 1: Vava
Gaffer 2: Edward
Producer: Juliana Galvão
Object direction: Pardini Produções
Screenplay: Eduardo Spinelli
Makeup: Monica Melo
Editing: Guilherme Lopes

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